People Are Painting Viral Memes On Their Eyelids, Because The Internet Is Not Enough

Blink and you're Salt Bae.

The words “viral” and “eye” don’t usually suggest greatness when they’re used in the same sentence. This viral meme eye makeup trend is an exception.

Loving his meme makeup trend tbh😭😂 #meme #kermit #kermitmeme #mememakeup

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Yes, people are painting beloved viral memes like Salt Bae, screaming Meryl Streep and evil Kermit on their eyelids. Just like the memes that fuel this trend, these looks are the perfect way to sum up your feelings on just about anything.

The difference is that instead of sending memes out into the Twitterverse, you can use them in any real life situation, too, just by blinking.

Until they’re smudged or wash off in the shower, that is.

Sigh. Makeup and memes are both so fleeting.

We would ask why this is happening, but does it matter? That’s Meryl Streep on an eyelid.

It’s not the first curious eyeshadow trend to make us cry like Kim Kardashian, but it is the most meta.