This Man’s New Facebook Profile Picture Has Made Him A Web Star

Ivor is coming.

All Ivor Noyek did was post a new profile picture on Facebook.

The snap shows him walking down the side of a New York road, hands in pockets and deep in thought.

But a friend took the hipster-style photograph and jokingly Photoshopped it into a fake movie poster.

Noyek was playfully cast as the lead in a fake "Werner Herzog Film" called "Street Sailor."

The Internet stumbled across the image, and what was just a joke between friends soon exploded. Noyek is now the subject of his own "Ivor is Coming" meme, complete with a hilarious Tumblr feed.

The senior art director is originally from Cork, Ireland, but now lives in Brooklyn, New York, according to The Journal. So far he's been Photoshopped into dozens of amazing pictures:

He's showing Miley Cyrus some serious love here:

Someone's hidden him inside a "Where's Waldo?" picture:

And he even makes an appearance in "The Last Supper":

Noyek appears to be happy with his newfound Internet fame, according to this Facebook post:

As the meme shows no sign of slowing down, there's probably only one thing left to say:

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