U Smile, I Smile At Meme Of Justin Bieber Getting Destroyed At Hockey Game

You better Belieb that hurt.

Justin Bieber made an impression at the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout on Saturday. In fact, that impression is probably still left in the glass.

While participating in the celeb exhibition game over the weekend, Bieber unfortunately met former NHL player Chris Pronger, who quickly introduced him to his friend, the boards. 

Dang. Is it too late now to say sorry for Pronger? Probably. 

An image of Bieber getting smashed quickly went viral, thanks to Pronger’s maniacal smile contrasted with the singer’s total helplessness.

That’s cold, bruh.

It was so brutal that NHL’s vice president of player safety and hockey operations, Damian Echevarrieta, joked on Twitter about having a “hearing” for the moment, as The Washington Post pointed out.

Don’t leave your face like that, Justin. My mom says it’ll freeze that way. And we know you love your face.

Uh huh. Just said that, dude.

Despite the pain and internet humiliation, the singer didn’t let the hit slow him down. He even scored in the game on an empty netter. 

R.I.P. Justin Bieber’s hockey career.



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