#FindingMomo Is The Instagram Meme That Will Always Leave You Smiling

#FindingMomo is an Instagram (and Facebook, and Twitter, and Tumblr) meme created by adorable Border Collie, Momo and his human, Andrew Knapp.

Knapp gained Internet fame by creating a game that is "either... hide-and-seek with an element of photography or... quasi-nice photography with an element of finding a dog." The premise is simple: Momo "hides" somewhere and Knapp snaps a beautiful picture. Then, Knapp challenges followers to pinpoint the playful Border Collie as quickly as possible.

Watch the Pet Collective's newest video in their web series, "Meme'd" to learn more about Momo and Knapp. (And keep an eye for two of your friendly neighborhood HuffPost Comedy editors sharing their "expert" insights.)

Will you #FindMomo?

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