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Memo To John Edwards; Start Telling The Truth And End This Circus

Elizabeth is particularly painful to watch, especially for anyone who knows anything at all about the facts and timeline of this story. She's lying but at this point I just pity her.
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Enough already, Mr. Edwards. Your wife and mistress are in the early stages of fighting it out in public. It's not exactly newsworthy at this late date but no matter. It's so sensational that of course it's something that both hard news and the entertainment / celebrity news industry will cover as long as new details, statements or legal filings keep dribbling out

The problem is all the damn lying. It's the constant lying that you've done and had others do for you to this very day. It's the lying that necessitated you and your supporters attacking The National Enquirer or Mickey Kaus; people who were telling the truth about you. It's the lies and misdirection that your deceit foments to this day. It's how you're treating those who defended you, believed in you, or mothered your children.

You could end this stupidity fairly quickly by simply telling the truth and clearing up all the lies you've told already.

And this is why you're contemptible. You're sitting by and watching your wife embarrass herself on national television while your mistress is living in exlie with a daughter who has no father listed on the birth certificate. That's not the past, it's today. Right now. You see this, you know this, and let it keep happening.

Elizabeth is particularly painful to watch, especially for anyone who knows anything at all about the facts and timeline of this story. She's lying but at this point I just pity her. She's a smart woman who's partially in deep denial and partially just trying to keep the seams from showing on all the untruths she's spun defending you up to this point.

Take a simple question asked by Larry King. King asked your wife how she felt when she saw the tabloid reports of your affair. Elizabeth rambled a little about how untrustworthy the tabloids were. Then she said that she dismissed the rumors when she first saw them in the headlines.

Sounds plausible, right? To millions of people, maybe. But anyone who spends a minute thinking about it knows that your wife said something that couldn't possibly have been true.

Why? Because you told your wife about the affair in late December, 2006 but the first tabloid story appeared in the National Enquirer in October, 2007. So - even though you'd told her about the affair months earlier, she dismissed the reports when she first saw them?

Of course not. But it's all part of the big narrative switcharoo that your wife has done in interview after interview - telling the story in such a way that it feels like she found out about your affair at the same time the rest of the world did.

By acting like she didn't know until we did, she blurs the lines in a story most people aren't following close enough to notice the date problems. And it lets her avoid the really hard questions about why she lied for months to help get you money and votes.

There are, of course, other timeline gaffes that Oprah, Larry and the morning news crews aren't picking up. Real simple one; if Rielle Hunter gave birth in late February, 2008 then and the baby is yours, then the logical assumption is that you conceived the baby sometime around late May, 2007, give or take.

But your wife doesn't ever mention that date because it occurred five months after you first admitted the affair to her. It would also mean that you continued the affair with Hunter even AFTER you and Elizabeth went on TV and said your wife's cancer had come back.

And that would mean that even though you admitted the affair in December, 2006 that somehow you managed to keep it going while you were actively running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party with your wife's full public support. And of course, you continued to meet with Ms. Hunter even after that.

And all of that would make your wife a lot more than just "naive", wouldn't it?

Rielle Hunter hasn't even had her say yet. Your wife's weird obsession with not saying her name isn't magic. It won't stop a court ordered paternity test, should Ms. Hunter decide she's sick of waiting and request one.

And really, Mr., Edwards- what did you THINK would happen? Was your hope that Rielle Hunter would keep her mouth shut forever? If so, why on earth would you think she'd do that? Because she loved you? Is that what you were counting on?

We're in a world where a former Vice President is on TV defending torture every few days. We face massive problems and we don't need your little sideshow filling airtime. The truth will out. Please do the country and your entire family a small service and just set the record straight.

Update: The New Republic also spotted Elizabeth's Screwy Timeline and posted the relevant excerpt from the interview.

KING: All right. When the story first appeared -- talking about "Resilience," when the story first appeared in the tabloids, a friend had to mention it to you, did you see this in the Enquirer?


KING: What did you say?

EDWARDS: You know, I remember a long time ago standing in a line and seeing a picture in front of one these tabloid magazines of an old plane surrounded by dust. And they said, "Abandoned World War II Plane Found on the Face of the Moon."

And I thought, you know, isn't it odd that, you know, CNN and ABC and everybody missed this story that was picked up by this tabloid. At the same time that the stories appeared about John, there was exactly the similar stories appearing about now President Obama.

You know, this is the fodder that they have.

KING: So you dismissed them.

EDWARDS: I dismissed them.

Edwards's initial answer is particularly sad to see all written out.

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