Memo to Right-Wing Donors -- This is Who You're Getting in Bed With


To: Conservative and Republican Donors

From: Tom Matzzie, Accountable America

Date: August 15, 2008

Re: Mixed Nuts -- who you're getting in bed with

I thought I'd write you in this format that you might be more familiar with to make sure you were aware of the folks you're getting in bed with if you fund the conservative smear groups by highlighting this week's fringe nut: Jerome Corsi.

Jerome Corsi, author of "The Obama Nation," is at best a little nuts and at worst a truly bad person. That hasn't kept conservative groups help him get on the New York Times list with big bulk purchases of his book. Republican consultant Mary Matalin called his book "a work of scholarship" which raises quesions about whether she agrees with him.

Let's review some of what we know about Corsi.

3. Corsi is a known plagiarist (according to a conservative!).

4. Corsi is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist -- desecrating the memory of everybody killed in that horrible terrorist attack.

5. The Associated Press reported that: "Corsi writes for World Net Daily, a conservative Web site whose lead headline Thursday [August 14] was 'Astonishing photo claims: Dead Bigfoot stored on ice.'"

Many of you donors hold positions with big companies or you're a leader in your community. You might be involved in some worthwhile charity. You're a conservative, but not a fringey right-winger. So, my question to you is: do you really want to associate yourself with people like Jerome Corsi?

If you start funding the right-wing smear groups you will be associated with these groups and people like Corsi, if not Corsi directly, forever. Thanks to the Internet this sort of stuff doesn't disappear. It will follow you forever.

Think about it.

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