Memo to the DNC and Obama Campaign: Keep This Election Honest. Send out the Tech SWAT Teams to the StatesTo Insure Voter Integrity

Memo to the DNC and Obama Campaign: Keep This Election Honest. Send out the Tech SWAT Teams to the StatesTo Insure Voter Integrity
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Hey folks it is not a done deal yet for Obama. Strap in for the fight of your lives. We have two weeks to go and it's not over by any stretch of the imagination. Political operatives, stop picking out your furniture, drapes and carpet for your office in the West Wing. We made this mistake in 2000 and 2004. Fundraisers (and I was one in '04) please stop arguing over which Embassy you want to serve. We all know that the Bahamas is the plum location. No, the Surgeon General has not been chosen this time.

The critical factor is if we don't win with a substantial margin in the popular vote, it's going to be open to speculation on November 4th. The margin must be over 10% or even 20%. The results must be irrefutable, so the win is clear regardless of the tinkering at the polls or with the voting machines.

Let us be prepared this time around. DNC and Obama Campaign send out the geek squads. Keep them on call in every state. Use some of that $49.9 million raised in September on tech support. Organize them like the ever competent lawyers and GOTV minions. DO NOT SEND the lawyers without these resources. Unfortunately, they don't know the difference between a paperclip and a magnate. It's just not their job. And Debra Bowen, Secretary of State for California cannot be everywhere on November 4th.

Remarkably, there is a role for everyone in this march for Democracy, this transformational election, this generational leap. Use the techies. Let them rise up. There is a place for their brilliance, competence and flaming intelligence; and it's not just knocking on doors or making GOTV calls to undecided voters.

Don't let Joe the Plumber become the archetype of this election. He does not represent all of the diversity of this country. Show the American people that the techies, geeks and nerds can be useful. It might even help them make a decision at the polls to vote for the best and brightest.

This election is going to get dirtier and rougher every day to Election Day. The Colin Powell endorsement was huge. Yet remember Senator John Kerry won all of the debates in 2004, and lost the popular vote.

Wonder how that happened? And wonder if it really happened?

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