Memoirs of A Global Life: Who Conquers, and Why?

Will the world change from the fundamentals of civilization as we have learned from history to something entirely different? History has shown how mankind behaved at different stages of human evolution, but is there a new danger that, through condemnable behavior, we are de-evolutionizing?

Aggressive leaders who led their people to improve their quality of life have long demonstrated capabilities and fervor of moving the masses. The need for better agricultural and grazing territories was the main objective of famous heroes of the past. Their promises to the population always offered better lives to their followers helping them gather huge armies, which always meant the taking over of neighboring greener pastures.

As we witness dreadful carnage of civilians in certain parts of the world, one wonders about that horrible human characteristic of using violence to acquire what is not given freely by others or at a price that will not impact negatively on the living standards of their own people.

When will the harrowing behavior of the different ethnicities realize there may be a more civilized way of working together to find mutually fair peaceful exchanges? As we know all past and ancient civilizations that imposed their will on others and won militarily vast parts of the world were charmed and led by fascinating ambitious leaders. History is full of the extraordinary feats of conquerors who inflicted the worst punishments on the weaker people they won not just more lands but whole continents.

The Europeans and the Arabs were the most aggressive and successful but the Europeans were eventually the final winners as they finished the Ottoman Empire stranglehold on their empire.

The world today is manifestly dominated almost exclusively by Europeans - except for the threatening activities and economic emerging of the Chinese juggernaut. This is the principal reason why the mighty United States, which took over the leadership of the Western world from fading Europeans powers, has to be watched closely.

The leadership of the American hype power cannot only be of interest to the Americans as there are too much of US determining involvement everywhere in the present world, as we have understood it for the last 50 years. This is why the choice of an American President is critical to the establishment of a peaceful century. Electing the wrong leader could spell the doom for our planet.

This is not a passionate and shrill statement. This is only a call to everyone who can unemotionally judge the state of affairs in the world today. Greedy and aggressive politicians worldwide will promise paradise to naïve voters; most of them have no clue of how to deliver on their promises but they do not care. Wresting the power reins from whomever else with a different agenda is their only strategy.

Who will the Americans vote for, the person who can help the world get better or the one that promises fire and hell? This is indeed the choice between the two candidates.

Without doubt the choice of the next President of the US is a universal matter. We hope Hillary Rodham Clinton will win but it will be now more of an uphill battle. The behind-the-scene forces are at work to deliver a deathblow to the Clinton campaign with only a few days left.

My personal opinion though on the Trump emergence as a national figure is similar to the memoir I am working on to relate my personal experiences about the racial barriers that exist in the world and how people practice their private hate of others.

Humans have learnt to hide their real feelings through put-on politeness. In public or for so-called civilized societies the obsession to be at the top of everything or to be the most powerful to take whatever one requires, has been the used to fool the other to believe he or she is accepted.

Whether it is race decided by the tone of your skin, the pinker or redder the better (white for me is like a white page) or religion (Sunnis or Shias), caste Brahmins or untouchables even black Africans decide on beauty according to light black skin or very black ones.

Who does Donald John Trump remind you of, the benevolent conqueror or a new Attila the Hun? Hillary is not perfect but she is clearly the better choice.

So Americans are allowing the hidden prejudices to bubble to the top. Educated ones still behave politely and suavely - a public show of civilization - whereas the lower and uneducated masses are showing their true colors. When one debates "colonization" with Europeans, they invariably defend themselves that it is the past and they actually civilized the brown and black people.

The election result will therefore depend on how many will privately vote for Trump, which will indicate that the majority of the pinks would have allowed their real prejudices to drive their votes. We can then expect another form of a world war different from the previous ones called world wars when actually it really was European war imposed on the rest of the world.

If Hillary wins then we will see a continuation of the hypocritical world, as we know it today. The West will continue to dominate, with Muslims reaching further back in history to be happy. The Chinese and Indians will emerge as world powers but they will have to face a unified pink Christian countries army.

It will not be pretty.