23 Gifts To Give If You Want To Be Remembered As A Great Gift-Giver

You're about to make some core memories for folks.

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A screaming goat
Promising review: "I spend about 90% of my day silently screaming at the computer because, well, welcome to customer service. Since this little goat arrived, I no longer look like I am practicing for my appearance on Jerry Springer. I just push the little goat. He screams (but not in a disruptive way). I smile. I am no longer annoyed. I survived peak season because of this goat." — Gab
A Jeopardy 2023 daily calendar
Each question has a different wager so you can track your winnings for the year.

Promising review: "I use this calendar at work to quiz my coworkers. They all love it. The questions are very good and challenging. If you like Jeopardy and calendars, you'll love this." — Jeremy J. Harker
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
Promising review: "Bought this by accident because I thought these were baby flash cards. Saw these were actually a card game and tried it with my husband and fell in love with this game. It's fun and competitive. :D" — ChocorateChippu
A National Geographic geode kit
It comes with 10 geodes of varying sizes as well as goggles and a display stand.

Promising review: "My 9-year-old niece gets these every year for Christmas. It is a new gift every time! She loves to put on safety glasses and swing that hammer! The geodes are always beautiful. She also loves the element of surprise! This is a wonderful gift that will engage even kids who are not into the sciences. Every year she takes pieces in to share with her class. She also loves to give pieces away as little gifts or mementos. Nat Geo never disappoints!" — Kristin D.
The new AirPods Pro
Promising review: "I have purchased every generation of AirPods. When I first read the reviews here, before purchasing these AirPods, I thought people were perhaps exaggerating a bit. But after having them for two days, what they say is absolutely true. The sound is amazing. Light years better than the AirPods Pro 1. It’s hard to believe that the richness of sound and bass can actually be produced by these small speakers. The noise cancellation feature is outstanding; in fact, when I took them out of my ears, and was hit with the onslaught of actual live sound around me, I realized just how effective the noise filtration is. They’re comfortable, fit great in my ears, especially with the choices of circular ear pads that are included, and the battery life is so much better than the previous generation. Love these guys. Very satisfying purchase." — M. SHAPIRO
A bubbling clay mask
Promising review: "I love this stuff! I received some for a gift and then purchased it for my daughter from Amazon. It feels like a clay mask going on, and then starts bubbling and turns to a thinner substance when it's done. I feel like it is very gentle on my face. My skin feels amazing after I wash it off. It feels like I used moisturizer, even though I did not. I hear that these masks are very popular in Japan." — L. Shea
A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker with a built-in strap
Promising review: "I just wanted a small Bluetooth speaker for bedtime audio books. This is louder than I expected and my son just loves it! It is easy to keep nearby because of its small size, and I am happy with this purchase!" — ray cerda
A pair of glowing lightsaber chopsticks
Promising review: "I purchased these for a friend's birthday present (he is a sushi waiter) and these are flippin' AMAZING. I ordered two sets by mistake, but I am totally keeping the second pair for another gift (or for myself!). These are sure to be great conversation pieces and attention getters. Way to go!" — T. Redwood
A dog DNA kit
Promising review: "Very cool! My dog is a rescue and I was told he was a border collie mix. His personality lead me to do a test because he just didn’t have the personality a border collie. Come to find out he’s a Shih Tzu/pitbull mix, which makes way more sense." — dede123
A very practical rechargeable hand warmer
Promising review: "Very small, but very hot. Don’t be fooled by my small hands (above), this hand warmer is about the size of a computer mouse BUT it gets very hot. Perfect for camping, sporting events, hunting, or in my case, a chilly office. It’s small enough to easily fit in my purse so I can tote it with me when I need it. I am highly satisfied. It also arrived fast with my Prime free two-day shipping. 👍🏻👍🏻" — AO
A Revlon hot-air brush
Promising review: "This product did what it said it would and more. It is easy to use, and it has saved me time getting ready in the morning. My hair is so shiny and full of volume. It feels very healthy. Even the ends of my hair look good. I have even been able to use it to extend days between washes. Very impressed." — Sara Kovach
A set of 150 questions inspired by the Love Language test
Promising review: "My boyfriend and I have been together for a really long time and this game was still so much fun! We played it after a night of drinking wine and cooking so we were pretty honest during these questions. We almost went through the whole deck in one sitting but finally put it away so we can play again." — Chelsbells32
A pair of fleece-lined joggers if they're always freezing cold
Promising review: "I'm very happy with these warm pants. My house is very cold in the winter, and I am very cold in the winter. A few reviewers commented that the fit is weird. It is not. These are sweatpants, and with a thick lining; what did you expect? They are very comfortable and warm. They are stiffer than regular sweatpants because of the lining. But they are sweatpants — meaning they were never meant to make you look like a fashion queen. Just imagine curling up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a friendly cat during polar vortex in your fleece lined pants. Nice and cozy!" — Angela Thompson
Our Place
A versatile Always Pan from Our Place
Promising review: "I had been researching different nonstick pans to get for a while and finally decided to purchase the Always Pan, hopeful that it would live up to the hype...and it did not disappoint. It is so nice to make eggs or other meals without any sticking to the pan. It is the easiest to clean. It's beautiful. And it's versatile as it can steam veggies easily, strain pasta with the lid, etc. Favorite addition to our kitchen lately!" — Aniyah H.
Pixicade — a mobile game maker
Promising review: "Man I love this thing, but my 8- and 6-year-old sons love it even more. We’re those parents who are a little strict about 'screen time' with our kids. Let me tell you something: MOST of the time is spent with the kids building their game — the markers, paper and, most importantly, their imaginations of drawing new games are 90% of the fun because they know that their drawing will eventually 'come to life' on the iPad. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. The different colors are used to create different things that the game automatically recognize on paper: e.g., use 'red' to draw hazards; use 'green' to make your character that can move, etc. My boys draw anything and, like magic, the screen brings it to life and the remaining 10% blows their little minds (and the parents minds too). Not really sure how it works, but we have a giant notebook full of different drawings and games, two boys who can’t stop using it, and two parents who are totally OK with this kind of 'screentime.'" — Lil
A TikTok-famous 1,000-piece puzzle from The Magic Puzzle Company
Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for my husband because he absolutely loves puzzles and magic, so it was a no-brainer! I was honestly way more excited to finish putting this puzzle together than a normal puzzle because I couldn’t wait to see the end result. Blown away. I’m super impressed and will be purchasing a different version. Oh, and they weren’t kidding about the no dust in the box...very pleased with this purchase!" — Nlbrimberry
A bottle of wine drops
Promising review: "This product was really amazing. I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon and never write a review, however this product is worth writing one. I've used the Wand as well and like it; however, the biggest drawback of the Wand is having to explain why I'm using it to others and causing undue attention. This is a quick solution to that issue. The product itself works great. I get bad headaches whenever I drink wine, however with this product I'm able to drink two to three glasses without the headaches. I'm not sure exactly what causes the headaches, whether it's tannins, sulfites, etc.; however, I just know this cures the issue. I'm sure there are those who are skeptical, I certainly was, but I can truly say it works for me and hopefully others will find success using it as well." — luke
A pop-up flower bouquet card
I gifted my mom the harvest wreath and she thought it was the coolest thing! We have a very curious cat at home so real flowers are often not an option because 1) certain varieties can be poisonous to cats , and 2) it's not uncommon for our kitty to take a bite or two out of the petals . So fake flowers it is! The wreath (and the bouquets) come with a card so you can write the recipient a note. Then you stick everything in the included envelope, seal it, add some stamps, and drop it off in the mailbox for USPS — so easy! You can also ship it directly to the recipient and skip having to mail it yourself; you just won't be able to add a hand-written note, which may not be an issue since Amazon lets you send a gift message with the package.
The Adventure Challenge
The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition
Promising review: "I was gifted this and LOVED it! This is something truly SPECIAL and MEANINGFUL that I would purchase as a gift for any occasion. Not only was the whole experience freakin FUN and memorable; we really enjoyed reading the introduction to The Adventure Challenge! It made my boyfriend and I realize A LOT about life! From the packaging to the intricate details of the product...this is something you won't regret purchasing. Love what this company represents and was honored to be a part of the experience! Keep up the great work!" —Monique S
A Chi automatic curling iron
Promising review: "Love it!! I have fine-textured hair — very straight hair. I have trouble not only curling it but keeping it curled. For example the other day I left rollers in my hair for 45 minutes and got a minor wave that fell out in 10 minutes. This tool is easy and fast to use, adds shine, and the curl stays." — Alexandria|
A skin spatula
Promising review: "I never write reviews but I could not pass this one up. I have been fighting with my skin for years! After my last pregnancy, I started developing cystic acne; my skin was congested with oil, whiteheads, blackheads, you name it. All those years of desperately doing my own extractions, trying every mask, cleanser, device, my skin was left scarred and discolored. I hated the texture of my skin. I impulsively bought this and tried it the day it was delivered. I was amazed at how well it extracted all the gunk I could and couldn't see lurking under my skin. I use it every night to cleanse, then apply my serum and moisturizer. I took the first set of photos on May 27 and still didn't love how my skin looked under makeup. I could tell it was doing something though so I stuck with it. Three days later, I woke up in shock! Took the second set of photos wearing the same makeup (but needed much less). I am finally happy with the way my skin looks and posted a selfie without a filter for the first time since I can remember! Just try it! (All photos were taken in natural light. Must've gotten some cloud cover in the last one. No filters on ANY of them! I'm still in shock!)" — Marlena H.
A miniature baking set
The set comes with a storage tin, rolling pin, wee knife, pizza/dough cutter, mixing spoon, three wee spoons, mixing bowl, pizza/pie pan, pie server, sheet pan, silicone cake and cupcake molds, two silicone finger mitts, and 48-page recipe book. The recipe book comes with explanations on how the food chemistry works so it's great for newbie food scientists.

Promising review: "I gave this to my sister for Christmas and she immediately used it to make mini treats with the kids. They LOVE it! I just kept getting texts and pictures from them about how functional and FUN it is." — Leslie Palme
Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed
A splurge-worthy tube of Stila mascara
BuzzFeed writer Jasmin Sandal loves this stuff. In her own words:"I don't think I ever knew the true meaning of wide-awake eyes until I armed myself with this mascara from Stila. Let's just start with the look and feel of it: It comes in a weighty gold tube — so you already know you're about to experience something special — and the applicator is curved in the center with just the right amount of product on it. Clearly from my experience, you can tell the obvious difference between the with and without — and, TBH, the 'without' has been my general M.O. during these recent times. But that has all changed thanks to this lash extension in a tube! Not only do my eyelashes appear thicker, but the length is just truly phenomenal. I feel like a brand-new, less-tired-looking woman any time I apply a lick of this!"The product doesn't clump my lashes together, either, and there's no flaky leftovers come the end of the day. Just a really great formula that coats each lash. So if you're anything like me and want to do the complete bare minimum with makeup, you're going to want to have this in your beauty arsenal. It is the true definition of low effort, high *high* impact."
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