Memorial Day 2013: 10 Ways You Might Have Spent The Holiday In The 1950s (PHOTOS)

Whatever activities you have planned for your Memorial Day weekend, have you ever considered how vastly different your holiday would be in, say, 1955? Probably not, but that didn't stop us from envisioning it for you. Behold, 10 things you might have done over Memorial Day weekend if you lived in the '50s.

If you were going away for the weekend, you might have taken off in a plane like this.

memorial day

And stayed in a hotel like this, possibly with a hairy, well-oiled man in short shorts.

memorial day

You may have gotten in some beach time with the girls.


Or with the small children you perhaps had too young.

memorial day

You probably would have gotten in some quality Vespa time.


And lots of leaping.

memorial day

Also tons of flirting, while wearing your most flattering romper.

memorial day

The evening activities would have been so festive and gay!


Until you had to get back on that plane and come home.

memorial day

Or maybe you would have just stayed home the whole time and talked on the phone in your bra. And updo.

memorial day

Happy Memorial Day!



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