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Keniece Walker: I Live In Memphis, Tennessee, And This Is My Style

Thrift stores and Forever 21 reign supreme for this stylist.


As part of a fashion-obsessed community, we’re always interested in finding out what people are wearing around the country ― from Birmingham, Alabama, to Provo, Utah, to everywhere in-between.

Keniece Walker is a 22-year-old creative director, stylist and hostess who has lived in Memphis, Tennessee, for the past five years. She told HuffPost her style is “not really like those that are from Memphis.”

Still, she explains what gives the ladies in this West Tennessee town their look, and shares the spots where she feeds her own killer aesthetic.

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Find out some of her favorite trends, what her style says about her and more.

What are some trends that are popular right now in your city?

The style in Memphis is about fads, or whatever is hot. People here basically wear whatever the hottest celebrity is wearing, or whatever the trend is right now. In Memphis, the new Fenty Puma slides are definitely in, I see more and more girls wear them every day. Lace-up bodysuits have also been very popular in Memphis, as well as the Fashion Nova sweatsuits.

What are some of your favorite personal trends?

I have so many, but one of my favorited personal trends is the baggy jean look paired with a minimal bodysuit. This look can be done in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. You can dress it up and wear heels for a chic look, or dress it down with some kicks for a sporty look. With fall approaching, layering is another personal favorite of mine, whether it be with plaid, denim, or whatever. And I have to mention my go to shoe, Vans. Vans are always a personal favorite of mine, because they literally can go with anything.

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What are some trends in your city that you hate?

I do not like the fad dressing here. It really stifles people and their creative expression when everyone is just trying to look like everyone else. A new Jordan shoe will drop, and legit everybody in the city gets that one shoe, just so they can say they got the shoe. The trend of just wearing things to look cool or because everyone else has it bugs me so much. I wish people in Memphis would dress how they wanted to dress, maybe even go outside of the box, get a little creative.

What does your style say about you?

I would say my style is a mixture between tomboy, chic, and hippie. I rarely wear super tight or revealing clothes, and I rarely wear super girly clothes, which reflects my personality perfectly. I am a tomboy at heart and I will always choose being comfortable over looking good. My style also shows that I am a free spirit. Many times you will catch me in a crop top or loose clothes that allow me to move freely. My style is unapologetic.

What are your favorite places to shop? Both local and online?

I rarely shop in actual stores, but when I do its always Forever 21 or a thrift store. I find the majority of my clothes in thrift stores. I do the most of my shopping online, because they usually have a wider variety of clothes and its less of a hassle. Some of my favorites are EgoOfficial, Fashionnova, Matte Brand, and Forever 21. I love clothes, but I don’t really like to be in the mall all day shopping.

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Do you feel pressure to be stylish in your city?

I feel a little pressure to be stylish when I am going to a big event, because... people know me for my style. I have this mindset of never wanting to disappoint. Other than that, I feel no pressure to be stylish. In fact most days I don’t really try to get dressed unless I am going to an actual event. You can easily catch me outside in sweats or shorts and a tank top.

What’s the best thing about the style in your city?

To be completely honest, Memphis fashion isn’t really my type of style, I prefer more original and creative fits. However, I have gotten really acquainted with the thrift stores in Memphis and they are on point. Thrifting has definitely become a hobby that started in Memphis and is one of the best things that has happened to me, literally.

Do you think it costs a lot of money to be stylish in your city?

Memphis is one of the most affordable markets in America, and the shopping reflects that. It is very inexpensive to be stylish in Memphis, however, finding stylish stores can be more of an issue. In Memphis, there are only 2 Forever 21′s and like, one H&M ― and those are the most stylish stores here.

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