'Men And Coffee' Is The Instagram Account Of Our Dreams

If you love a steaming cup of coffee and an attractive man, this is the Instagram account for you.

"Men and Coffee" was launched in November by Alex Tooby, a social media strategist in Vancouver. It features men drinking, preparing, or just hanging out with coffee.

"The idea came up randomly with a friend one night. We were just discussing the sex appeal of men drinking coffee. After that I went home, checked social media and saw no one was showcasing these two things together, so I decided to jump on it," Tooby told The Huffington Post. "The first few pictures I posted were images I found online via Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Shortly after that the #menandcoffee hashtag started taking off and now I just use images I find there."

"Men and Coffee" now has 22,000 Instagram followers, and Tooby launched a website where fans can get even more "eye candy."

If you're wondering why "Women and Coffee" isn't a thing, well, it is. Tooby registered the accounts at the same time, but she didn't start posting on "Women and Coffee" until early February.

"I registered the two accounts at the same time with the idea that if 'Men and Coffee' took off, that I would run them simultaneously," she explained. "That's exactly what happened. ... It's hard to say if it will reach the success that 'Men And Coffee' has at this point, but I'm hopeful."

Check out the men and coffee of "Men and Coffee" below:



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