Men And Divorce: 14 Things Men Need To Know About Divorce

How do men experience divorce?

That's the question Kyle Morrison, a divorced dad of two, addressed Wednesday in a HuffPost Divorce blog post. One of the most common problems men grapple with when their marriages end, according to Morrison? Feeling like their ego has been completely beat down.

"A man who has been divorced finds himself adrift without knowing his place or worth because he gained so much of his sense of self from his partner and had not developed a true understanding of his real self," Morrison wrote.

Morrison's blog struck a nerve with many of our readers, so we decided to ask the men who follow us on Facebook and Twitter to share what they think men going through divorce need to know. Click through the slideshow to see what they had to say, then head to the comments to share your advice.

14 Things Men Need To Know About Divorce

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