'Men At Work' Premiere: Did Sex Jokes Deliver Laughs? (VIDEO)

The name of the show may be "Men at Work" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on TBS), but it could better be describes as "men talking about sex." TBS offered up the first two episodes in a back-to-back package, and sex and sexuality featured heavily in both.

The series follows four male friends who work at a men's magazine and are almost completely driven by their libidos. Actually, that only applies to three of them. Neal is the only one of them in the relationship, so in his case, the obsession with sex is coming from his girlfriend Amy. In fact, he's overwhelmed by her request for him to get down with some dirty talk to spice up their love life.

The premiere focused on the guys rallying around Milo, who'd just been dumped. They want to get him back out there by getting him a quality one-night stand. A side plot saw the gang's biggest player, Gibbs, sleeping with Tyler's maid -- because she was there.

The second strayed into different plotlines, like Milo going too far on his first feature, and Neal having to make cuts at the office because print is struggling. Even then, though, they managed to make sex a major part of the show.

It's like "2 Broke Girls" in that way, which has led to a similar negative response from the critics. The New York Times called it "desperate," while said "don't bother" to even watch it. The Washington Post described the show as a "rerun," indicating that it feels stale and old, as if the creators had missed out on the evolution of comedy in the past 30 years.

Make your own decision about "Men at Work" by tuning in Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on TBS. Or just wait for "Cougar Town" in 2013.

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