6 Things Men Secretly Love About The Women In Their Lives

If you've been with your husband, fiancé or boyfriend for a while, you may have noticed that he is quite vocal about some things (e.g., sports), but perhaps quite muted about others (e.g., your relationship).
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If you've been with your husband, fiancé or boyfriend for a while, you may have noticed that he is quite vocal about some things (e.g., sports), but perhaps quite muted about others (e.g., your relationship). Not that sports are not important -- believe me, they are -- but when it comes to critical relationship questions, many women ask, "What is he really thinking?" The silence can be frustrating, especially with your relationship on the line.

"I wish I knew what my man really thinks about... (blank)," many women say. With apologies to Taylor Swift, there are a number of important blank spaces that women want addressed with honest answers about what men truly think.

For this column, I asked men via Twitter (@thosecrazymen) and Whisper this question: "What do you secretly love about your girlfriend/fiancée/wife?" The 500+ responses were enlightening -- ranging from cute and adorable to crass and, let's just say, less adorable.

The answers were pretty evenly divided in to two categories: emotional and physical. Here are the responses that came up again and again.

1. Her smiling and laughing at my good (or not-so-good) attempts at humor.

Echoing many similar comments, one guy confessed, "The way she laughs at my dumb jokes, she always manages to put a smile on my face." Another wrote, "When I say something funny, I love seeing her smile and the way she laughs and giggles. Makes me wanna kiss her every time."

2. Catching her looking at me in a loving way.

One man wrote, "When she looks at me and I catch her and she looks away really quick. Makes me melt and feel so wanted." Seeing a girlfriend or wife secretly giving adoring looks was a definite turn-on for men, with one writing, "Her loving look toward me when she doesn't know I see her is simply the best."

3. Her acting shy and adorable, or doing something unique, such as the way she crinkles her nose, bites her lip or fidgets with her hair.

One guy wrote, "I love the way she twirls her hair when she gets nervous." Other men wrote about loving the way their girlfriend gets shy or embarrassed, with several citing blushing as a big attraction. Men also wrote about very unique things they love about their partner. "The way she wears my shirts that are way too big for her, so they look like dresses," wrote one. "Honestly I love it when she sneezes. She sounds like a kitten, it's so adorable," said another. Clearly, these men love their partners and their one-of-a-kind quirks.

4. Her getting aggressive with me, such as squeezing my butt, biting my lip when we kiss, and initiating sex.

On the aggressive theme, big hugs and hugs from behind are popular: "I love it when she surprises me with a big hug from behind," wrote one. Aggressive kisses also made the list: "I love when she bites my neck and lip when she kisses me -- a real turn-on," said another. Not surprisingly, initiating sex -- oral and otherwise -- was also popular.

5. Playing with my hair or rubbing my shoulders or back.

Hair, shoulders and back were also popular with men. One man wrote, "I love the way she plays with my hair. That always drives me crazy." And another wrote, "When she rubs my back and shoulders, that's one of my favorite things in the world."

6. When she wants to cuddle with me and nuzzles up closely to me.

Breaking wide open some manly stereotype, many men admitted they melted when their women wanted to cuddle with them. "I love the cute way she asks me to cuddle her before bed," wrote one cuddle-friendly man. Another wrote, "My favorite thing is when she's laying on my chest, trying to get as close as possible to me."

There you are -- six things that men secretly love about their girlfriends and wives. Which of these came as a surprise to you? Do you know what your man would say?

This topic was so popular that a number of women posted comments about how much they loved reading these. One woman wrote, "Aww, these are adorable. I wonder what my BF secretly loves about me."

With so many responses from men and such strong interest from women, it almost begs the question as to why these need to be a secret. One man wrote, "Secretly? There are no secrets when she does good stuff -- I let her know I like them so she'll do them again."

Now that's some great feedback for the male readers as well.

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