Men Experience Simulated Labor Pains For Our Amusement (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Happens When Men Go Into Labor

When a video of two Dutch talk show hosts undergoing simulated labor went viral, it was somewhat funny to hear them wail in agony in Dutch. But it also left us wanting more. More apologizing to moms for not understanding their pain. More thanking women for enduring what they don't have to. More cursing in our native tongue?

Thankfully, two American men have now stepped up to the plate, and brought their wives along for extra fun.

Since, "according to men, women exaggerate everything," the stars of this new video made an appointment with Dr. Julie Masters who explains that she and her staff will put electrode simulations on their abdomens to give them some contractions. There is much to love about the results. Go ahead and watch for yourself.

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