The Fool-Proof Product Every Man Needs To Groom His Eyebrows

Guys, this goes for you, too!

Men grooming their eyebrows isn't a new trend, but it isn't a priority for most guys when getting ready in the mornings. Damone Roberts, the brow expert and face behind MAC Cosmetics new Brows Are It collection, says they absolutely shouldn't be abandoned.

"Men spend every day taking care of the hair on their face, but they neglect the hair above their brows and it grows as well," Roberts told The Huffington Post.

The self-proclaimed "Eyebrow King" also notes that we are living in an era when everything is a bit more fluid. "There's not as many rules as there used to be," he said. "People are doing a lot of things to bring out the best version of themselves. And a lot of that involves eyebrow makeup."

The one product Roberts believes men need to tame wooly eyebrows and long hairs is brow gel. "If you simply make two eyebrows versus one, get rid of that unibrow and use a clear brow gel to brush them up, it opens up the eye," he said.

This instant "lift" creates a more youthful, refreshed look -- a simple grooming trick when you want to appear less tired. Roberts also recommends tinted brow gel for men who want to cover up gray hair without the hassle of dyeing.

Shop our editors' picks below for brow gels to help whip your brows into shape.

Brow Gels: Tinted & Clear

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