Men Faking Orgasms Is Much More Common Than You Might Think, Poll Finds

What Percentage Of Men Have Faked An Orgasm?

Turns out "faking" it is a more widespread practice than we thought -- among men.

Though it's common pop culture knowledge that women sometimes fake orgasms (see the most iconic scene of "When Harry Met Sally"), new research suggests that almost one quarter of guys out there have done the same. In a recent poll, twenty-two percent of male respondents admitted to faking it. A separate poll from the same website indicated that divorced men were 67 percent more likely than single men to fake an orgasm.

As for the reason behind it? Psychologist Seth Meyers told NBC News: "The main reason men fake it is to avoid having to talk about any potential sex issue. The fear is that not having an orgasm -– and telling the truth about it -– could generate anxiety in their partner and invite endless discussion."

The number of women who report having fake it remains significantly higher -- estimates range from 50 to 80 percent. One particularly alarming study found that a quarter of female respondents pretended to have an orgasm every time.

Seems like a pretty sad state of affairs if you ask us. We'd like to think that a sexual relationship could withstand a few failed attempts at climax, and a few honest conversations about each person's needs and preferences. What's wrong with just asking for what you want? Once you talk about it, you're far more likely to get it.

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