Watch These Men Figure Out They're Feminists

"When you hear the term 'feminism' what do you think of?" "Women's rights."

Upworthy recently took to the streets of New Orleans to find out what men think of when they hear the term "feminism" and if they consider themselves feminists. While almost all of the men interviewed embraced the basic points of feminism and even listed some of its most important goals, when asked if they identified as feminists most said no.

"I'm not exactly sure what a feminist is, I mean I respect and love women, I try to, to the best of my abilities. But I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist," one man in the video said.

When Upworthy pointed out that "believing that women should have equal rights" is the ultimate point of feminism, most of the men conceded that, perhaps, "feminist" and "feminism" aren't terms so separate from their own beliefs after all.

Feminism can be a loaded term that is often misrepresented. From feminists being labeled "feminazis" to the stereotype that feminists are angry and mean, the movement tends to get a bad rap. But really, feminism -- in the wise words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -- just means "the social, political and economic equality of the sexes."

Sometimes all it takes is some education. Happy to see these guys figured it out pretty quickly.



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