Men With Genital Piercings Not Who You'd Think: Study

Men With Genital Piercings Not Who You'd Think: Study

A research team from Texas Tech recently studied genital piercings in males, polling a group of 445 men from 42 states and 26 countries, and concluded that most guys with a little undercover bling don't fit stereotypes, the L.A. Times reports. From the British Journal of Medical Practitioners:

These study participants with GP were older, well-educated men, often in a stable relationship, different than what is usually thought about people with body piercings. This scientific evidence about their overall demographics pose challenges to the current medical literature. Sample demographics from this study and the other two cited GP studies do not reflect individuals from stereotypical low performing social and economical backgrounds. Demographically, the people with GP were in their early thirties, Caucasian, heterosexual, well educated, employed, in good health, with some religious beliefs, but not ethnically diverse. In contrast to literature describing men with GP as antisocial miscreants or mostly homosexual, our data support that these men are more part of the mainstream culture. The avoidance of "rushing to judgment" is an important aspect, especially in the way they are often perceived.

The breakdown of the study group as listed by the L.A. Times:

  • 89% identified themselves as Caucasians;
  • 41% were married and another 20% lived with a significant other;
  • 56% reported a salary of more than45,000 per year;
  • 28% said they had a strong religious faith;
  • 82% said they were heterosexual;
  • 87% said they didn't use drugs;
  • 74% said they had at least some college, and 20% had a graduate or doctoral degree.

Researchers concluded that genital piercings are on the rise and "not limited by age, gender, socio-economical backgrounds, or sexual preferences." And that before taking the plunge, guys will consult a professional piercer or the Internet.

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