Men Happier With Work-Life Balance Than Women: Captivate Network [GRAPHIC]

Turns out men are happier than women in the office, at least according to a recent survey by digital media company Captivate Network. After polling 673 white-collar professionals, men reported being 25 percent happier at work and generally more satsified with their work-life balance than women, despite working longer days on average.

Although Captivate Network's poll may have focused on those with a desk job, the importance of a balanced working and personal life is proving to be just as important for blue collar workers. Miller-McCune reports on a growing body of research that shows providing part-time and low-wage employees with perks, such as flexible hours and time off when needed, can improve employee retention, productivity and morale. That often makes for a more successful business.

Here is the infographic showing the results of Captivate Network's work-life balance survey: