"How do you meet men?" We've compiled this list based on their stories and would love to hear from you, too!
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The Garter Brides have learned that there are many ways to meet men. When we speak at events one of the first questions we're always asked is "How did you meet your husbands?" We interviewed countless women for our book "LOVE FOR GROWN-UPS: The Garter Brides' Guide to Marrying For Life When You've Already Got a Life" and have asked the thousands of fans of our Facebook page the same question: "How do you meet men?" We've compiled this list based on their stories and would love to hear from you, too!

1.Blind Dates: We speak from good experience -- two of us met our husbands on blind dates. Yes, we all have blind date horror stories, but, one good blind date can change your life. We know it!

2.Get set up with Online Dating: you may be new to 'being out there' but, grab a friend and create an online profile (see our Huffington Post blog on creating a successful online profile).

3.Volunteer for an election campaign: It's an election year -- it's important to be involved AND you might get involved with someone you meet volunteering!

4.Go to reunions: Yes, go to your grammar school, high school, college or workplace reunion. Tish reconnected with her high school crush at their reunion and became a Garter Bride!

5. Join a committee at your church or temple (not the babysitting during services one): You'll meet new people who will take an interest in you and want to see you happy.

6.Let your married friends know you are looking: We found from speaking with so many women that your married friends can be a big help. Happily married people want to see other people, well, happy.

7.Try something you've never tried before: not with the intention of meeting someone -- but with the intention of feeling alive through doing something new. One Garter Bride we spoke to always wanted to learn to fly -- she wound up marrying her instructor!

8.Always go to Weddings and Parties: say "yes" to all those invitations! So many women that we spoke to met men at weddings or a parties. We know how tough it is to walk in alone -- but take the chance. You may walk out with someone special.

9.Don't be afraid of an office romance: We understand that this is not always the optimal place to meet someone -- at some places it's not even permitted -- but, the truth is, many people meet someone where they work. Be low-key, but keep your eyes open!

10. Be open at all times to meeting someone great: You really never know! One woman we spoke to met someone on line at a department store. Another met her great man when her mother hosted a barbeque, another on a shuttle bus ride to a beach weekend. In other words, be open at all times to the possibility that a great guy could be, literally, right around the corner!

We hope you'll try the Garter Brides' tips and that they'll be successful. And maybe you have some ideas of your own that we haven't thought of. Please share your story of how you met someone special!

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Lampl and Tish Rabe are the authors of "Love for Grown-ups: The Garter Brides' Guide to Marrying for Life When You've Already Got a Life," a relationship guide for women over 35 on how to find Mr. Right, marry and find life-long happiness. The Garter Brides are a sisterhood of women who got married later in life and wore the same garter at their weddings! They offer tried and true advice on how to have the love and life you want.

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