Men Don't Notice When Women Wear High Heels, Study Says (POLL)

Men Don't Notice When Women Wear High Heels, Study Says (POLL)

Teeter-totter all you want, but men apparently don't notice when a woman wears high heels, Time magazine reports. Researchers at the UK's Northumbria University studied men's reactions to women in heels versus women in flats and found no difference. Time writes, "The researchers wanted to know whether the changed posture that comes with high heels -- longer legs, accentuated rear and tilted torso -- get noticed by men." Guess not!

Orange News has quotes from Dr. Nick Neave who led the study as part of a larger project about attraction and movement. Neave said, "Women are spending money on high heels, which can be dangerous, presumably to make themselves look good and add to what nature has given them," adding, "Everybody is attracted to somebody else and making relationships is very important to humans. Making key relationships and having children are some of the most important decisions people will make. But scientifically we know very little about this."

According to the Daily Mail, Neave believes that movements like dancing can serve as indications of a male's "reproductive quality."

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