'Men in Black 3' Clip: Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones Fight Aliens (VIDEO)

J and K Draw Their Guns in 'MIB 3' Clip

"Men in Black 3" sees the big-screen return of Agents J and K, and if this sneak preview is any indication, they're not giving us any chance to catch our breath. We're not quite sure what prompts this slime-splattered gun battle between Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and some ugly-faced aliens, but all questions will be answered when the movie hits theaters on Memorial Day weekend.

The third adventure of the not-so-subtle Ray Ban spokesmen gets loopy with the timeline when Smith's J must travel back to 1969 to prevent the assassination of a young fresh-faced K (well, he's kind of fresh-faced). To make matters more complicated, J has to stop K's murder, prevent history from being re-written and save Earth from intergalactic destruction in under twenty-four hours, or else he'll be trapped in the past forever. Fortunately, J has a way of making things look good.

"Men in Black 3" arrives in theaters on Friday, May 25.

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