'Men In Black 3': Suits Are Real Viral Campaign Comes To Close (VIDEO)

"Men In Black 3" arrives in theaters on Friday, which means it's just about time for fans to find out the one thing that has been bugging them for months: Will BugEyes126 appear in the finished film?

HuffPost Entertainment is happy to report that he will, and you can see his "Men In Black" debut in the clip above.

BugEyes, an "investigative blogger"-cum-online marketing creation, urged fans to seek the truth about the Men In Black organization throughout the last few months on the site TheMenInBlackSuitsAreReal.com. He even "called out" Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington for being an alien -- something that Huffington cheekily responded to on "Entertainment Tonight."

The BugEyes126 campaign proved very successful for Sony; since it began, the MIBelievers Facebook page has accrued over 100,000 followers. BugEyes has provided a key social media presence for the film, something especially important since the last "Men In Black" feature was released 10 years ago when many potential viewers weren't even born yet.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld spoke to HuffPost about that concern. "The truth is that everyone has seen the first two. Even people who haven't been born when the second one came out -- you know, even over those ten years," he said. "I think most kids have seen them on DVD or cable. So everyone is aware of the franchise."

If they weren't, certainly BugEyes126 tipped them off.

Watch the clip above. "Men In Black 3" arrives in theaters on Friday.

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