Creepy Men In Black Reported Wandering On Rural Highways In Iowa

The strange figures have also been spotted walking through yards.

Where's Agent K when you need him?

Police in Iowa are asking the public for help after receiving a series of unsettling reports about "men in black" wandering onto the road in remote areas.

While the report caused a flurry of interest on social media, the department told the Des Moines Register it had just three reports of sightings.

What helped the story take off was the image the department used in its Facebook post: a silhouette of "Nightmare Before Christmas" character Oogie Boogie.

People are always more attracted to the post if you use a photo,” Sheriff C.J. Ryan told the Register.

While the sightings have started to take on an urban legend flavor, others insist they’ve seen the figures.

“My son has experienced this and it’s no joke,” Beatrice Wilson Strong told local NBC station KWQC. “It was really a frightening experience to him.”

People have also reported “men in black” wandering into their yards, the station reported.

While it seems likely this was some sort of prank, the sheriff’s department has asked people to call 911 if they encounter the mystery men.

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