Increase Sex Drive: Study Finds Men Can Boost Libido With Exercise

What Middle-Aged Men Can Do To Increase Sex Drive

Fellas -- thinking about skipping a spin on the ellipitical this evening? Here's some (low-cal) food for thought. A new study links weight loss with an increase in testosterone and sex drive in middle-aged men, The Daily News reports.

The study -- which was announced at the Endocrine Society's 94th Annual Meeting on Monday -- looked at 891 middle-aged obese men with prediabetes, or high glucose levels that border on turning into Type 2 diabetes, according to (The average participant was around 54 with a body mass index of 31.9; Type 2 diabetes is the form of the disease more commonly associated with being overweight.)

Those who incorporated two-and-a-half hours of exercise a week into their lives, as well as healthier food choices, saw dramatic results in the course of a year. There was a 15 percent increase in testosterone levels and a 46 percent decrease in instances of hypogonadism, a condition characterized by low testosterone levels that can be linked to low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, according to Mayo Clinic.

Weight loss has long been associated with feeling more amorous in the sack. Men's Health noted earlier this year that losing abdominal fat can increase blood circulation to the penis, leading to -- you guessed it -- better erections and performance. And in 2011 reported on a small sample size of men in Australia who saw an increase in sex drive after losing 5-10 percent of their weight.

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