This Video Of Men Kissing Turns Homophobia Into Something Beautiful

Every anti-gay comment on this video benefits a great cause.

A new video campaign launched in the wake of Sunday's mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida is targeting homophobia in a clever and unique way. 

Produced by New York actor-director Dylan Marron, the Seriously TV clip puts the spotlight on real-life gay couples, who affectionately kiss. Officials anticipate that the video, which hit the internet on June 17, will generate both positive and negative responses from viewers.

Here's the catch: for every homophobic comment posted, the group will donate $1 to the OneOrlando Fund, an LGBT advocacy group that is working with victims of the June 12 attack and their families. 

It's a pointed approach, given that gunman Omar Mateen allegedly planned the attack after being angered by the sight of two men kissing.

Noting the vitriol that many online videos attact, Marron told The Huffington Post he wanted to "figure out how to turn all of that negativity into something positive" and use hateful comments as "fuel for something good." 

"It's weird that loving your partner publicly can be a political act," Marron said. Noting that he and his husband have been verbally harassed when they've held hands in public, he added, "Since many gay men don't yet feel comfortable kissing in public, I wanted to at least showcase men kissing each other in the virtual public, and repurpose the inevitable hate into something awesome."

The final donation amount remains to be seen, but the video had already been viewed over 1 million times by late Friday.

Excellent work -- and a great reminder to #KeepKissing!