Survey Shows Men Are Getting Really Into Moisturizer, Thank Goodness

Survey Reveals The Beauty Product Most Men Are Using

Not sure what to buy the man in your life for Christmas?

We recommend moisturizer. A new survey from market research company Mintel found that 58 percent of men ages 18-24 and 63 percent of those 25-34 say they use a facial moisturizing product.

Those numbers sound high, but they fall in line with the oft-reported trend: Men are more into skincare than ever. As proof, Mintel found that only 32 percent of men ages 55-64 and 29 percent of men over 65 were using moisturizer -- older men haven't got that skincare bug, apparently.

Men's grooming has boomed in recent years, growing nearly 20 percent to $3 billion in 2012. Male-specific products accounted for six percent of all new beauty and personal care products launched in 2012, and many products that were previously never marketed to men -- eye cream or serums, for example -- are now considered men's products as well.

Of course, by most other counts, it seems like women are still using many more products than men. In a HuffPost Style poll from September, 54 percent of men surveyed said they didn't use any skincare or grooming products when getting ready in the morning, while 35 percent of women said they use at least one or two. Plus, plenty of guys are using female-marketed products: A survey found that your boyfriend is likely to grab your Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream or DIOR Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Crème while you're not looking.

Avoid that fate by buying your man some day cream of his own -- chances are, he's probably into the stuff already.

Even guys want to get gorgeous:

Johnny Depp

Male Celebrities Who Wear Makeup

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