The Men On This Instagram Account Put The Lust In Wanderlust


When it comes to dudes doing things, the Internet knows no bounds.

First there were hot guys reading, then hot dads at Disneyland. Now, there's another sexy Instagram feed to swoon over, that will also tug at your wanderlust-y heart strings: Men of Outdoors.

The account was actually started a year ago, and is, according to its bio, "dedicated to men who love the outdoors." But let's be real, both outdoorsy and non-outdoorsy people alike can appreciate these dreamy, and these seemingly dangerous photos.

This site's got everything:

There are men swimming:

And men swinging:

There are even men with puppies and elephants, for goodness sake:

One of Men of Outdoors' creators told The Huffington Post the idea was born as a way to document their own travels, and quickly took a life of its own.
"The point of this Instagram feed is to share our travel experiences and inspire others to do the same. The feed organically turned into an account promoting Mother Nature. We also try to feature as many photos as possible taken in National Parks. We believe it's often overseen by traverses who spent most of their time in a big city 'shopping' during their vacations," he said.

Check out more Men of Outdoors, and excuse us while we book a vacation, ASAP.

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