'It Gets Better Project' Finds Support In Male Librarian Pin-Up Calendar (SLIDESHOW)

Forget the stereotypical crabby female librarian with a tight bun and nerdy glasses. The Men of the Stacks project introduces 12 steamy bibliophiles in a pin-up calendar to support struggling LGBT youth.

The Men of the Stacks project hopes to promote a more inclusive representation of librarians, while also supporting the "It Gets Better Project," the video movement that offers inspiring testimonials about life beyond bullying in the high school hallways.

Since its Sept. 27 release, the project has sold more than 550 copies and has raised more than $8,000, said Megan Perez of the Men of the Stacks.

"We can't just leave it to others to tell the people who we are," one of the models explains on the organization's website. "That's why the stereotypes about librarians continue to flourish. We have to be the ones to go out there and tell people who we are."



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