Steamy Calendar With Vet Students And Animals Is All We Want For Christmas

We're sold!

With this calendar, you'll never have a bad month. 

Omega Tau Sigma veterinary fraternity at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine recently released its 2016 Men of Vet School calendar to the public. The steamy calendar, which is an annual project, features students alongside adorable animals.

And as if that wasn't splendid enough, 15 percent of the calendar's profits will go toward the Patient Assistance Fund to help owners in need afford veterinary care for their pets. 

Samantha Lovering, this year's calendar chair, told The Huffington Post that the calendar features 33 veterinary school students, and took a few months to shoot. She also mentioned that hours of brainstorming went into creating each scene. The toughest one was the November shoot, which incorporated chickens. 

"We had never done a shoot with chickens before and thought it would be fun and interesting," Lovering said. "But they were a challenge to hold onto!"

Of course the calendar wasn't just hard work -- it ended up being a blast to work on for many involved. 

"As veterinary students, we always love working with animals!" Lovering told HuffPost. "Many of the animals are owned by members of Omega Tau Sigma, and everyone is always excited to have their animals photographed."

Well, now we know what to get the animal lover in our lives for Christmas! 


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