Man And Brother Have Reused The Same Birthday Card For Over 40 Years


We've all heard of recycling gifts ... but greeting cards? Not so much.

But for brothers Jeff and Ron Methier, openly re-gifting a vintage birthday card has become something of a running tradition. Reddit user Sunny Methier posted a photo of the 42-year-old greeting card that her father, Jeff, 58, first gave to her uncle Ron in 1973.

"It was from my father to my uncle! And they just continued to use it simply because it said 'recycle to a friend'," Sunny told The Huffington Post in an email.

The card features both mens' signatures for each year they've passed the card back and forth along with a note for the year.

Sunny later posted another photo on Imgur showing the front of the card, featuring a Peanuts character stating, "This is the age of ecology!" Looks like the brothers took the message to heart.

"My dad will definitely be so happy with this experience!" Sunny commented on Reddit. "He's getting a kick of out this." And so are we.

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