A Majority Of Women Wish Men Would Shave Or Trim Their Leg Hair


Is a whole new form of "manscaping" going to spread across the legs of men everywhere?

As featured on a segment on the Today Show this week, a survey conducted by Men's Health last year showed that nearly half of the 580 men who responded said they "legscape," which means they either shave their legs completely or trim their leg hair.

To demonstrate, Today Show host Carson Daly actually shaved his legs on air. And though co-host Tamron Hall was uninterested in Daly's velvety leg, women seem to like the smooth feeling. According to a more recent Women's Health survey, a majority of the 663 women who responded said they either "love a man with clean shaven legs" (22.2 percent), or "don't like clean shaven, but do appreciate a man who trims leg hair down" (28.5 percent).

Still, a majority (51 percent) of guys said they would never touch their leg hair.

What do you think about men shaving or trimming their leg hair? Would you ever do it?