Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues

Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues

Who knew fleshlights came in so many different colors?

In a Buzzfeed video published on Nov. 21, six men discussed their initial reactions to a range of sex toys and, well, reported back after using them. The reviews were hilarious as all the men were equally horrified and curious. The sex toys ranged from the "Cobra Libre II" male vibrator to an array of different fleshlights.

A few of our favorite reactions include:

"This feels like my fantasy of being with Mystique from X-Men, except she’s not there and I’m putting my penis in a cup."

"I don’t feel like I would use it again, but I’m certainly not throwing it out."

"I don’t know if I’m a feminist anymore."

"It looks like it’s kind of turning my penis into Bane."

"I haven’t gone to church in probably 20 years and I feel the need to go to church."

Some of the men were pleasantly surprised at how good the sex toy felt, while others were simply frightened. "Now I’ve had sex with a machine and I can’t go back," one guy said.

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