The Struggle Is Real For These Dudes Explaining Female Contraceptives

Nice try, guys.

It looks like female contraceptives are (unsurprisingly) quite puzzling for some men.

In a video from Facts., four men tried to explain different forms of birth control. While the pill is easy to identify, other forms gave the guys a hard time.

"That’s not a thing, that’s a fishing game that you play," one guy said while talking about an IUD. "I've never actually seen one of those before," another said while holding a female condom.

As they discussed the contraceptives, some of them also realized that women go through a lot when it comes to birth control. "From the whole way through it, we have the easy part of this," one man said.

All their funny (and inaccurate) explanations aside, the men did recognize that their inability to identify objects that prevent them from becoming parents is a society-wide problem.

"It's weird that we have all these different versions of female birth control and you never really talk about them or see them," one guy said.

Way to recognize, dudes.

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