Men Say Uber Driver Called The Cops On Them For Kissing In The Backseat

"He just kept yelling at us."

They should have told him to kiss off.

Two gay men in London claim an Uber driver booted them out of his taxi and called the police Saturday after they exchanged a "peck on the lips" in the backseat, Metro reported. "Man should not kiss man," the driver said, according to the pair.

Sam Simons and his friend Santiago Figeuroa refused to exit the vehicle which allegedly prompted the driver to contact the cops, according to reports. "He just kept yelling at us and ordered us to sit on opposite sides of the back seat," Simons told Metro.

When the officers arrived, the driver was reportedly making kissing noises and pointing at the two men, according to Metro. Police calmed the situation and helped the two men order another ride.

The driver said the men were distracting him from driving, but Simons countered in the Evening Standard: "It was not like we were all over each other. It was just a peck on the lips and an arm round my shoulder."

Uber got involved after Simons expressed his outrage on Twitter

The car service took swift action, and in a statement to the Evening Standard an Uber spokesperson said: "As a company we do not tolerate any form of discrimination whatsoever, and we have been in contact with this rider to offer our support. In any incident, such as this, we suspend the driver in question while we investigate."

The Huffington Post reached out to Simons for comment, but hasn't heard back.

Gay magazine Attitude wrote that the company has been "dogged by repeated reports of homophobic behavior by its drivers over the last year."

In April, an Uber driver in Chicago faced assault charges for driving off while one man attempted to exit the car. He and a companion were allegedly ordered by the driver to leave after kissing. 

Maybe some Uber drivers should remember that a kiss is just a kiss.

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