Survey Says Men Keep Underwear For 7 Years On Average.. Gross

It isn't news to us that some guys need some serious help in the wardrobe department ... but it is news that they may need help with personal hygiene. KPNX's Kevin Kennedy reports that a new English survey found that men tend to hang onto their underwear for an average of seven years ... ew, gross.

"I know I have tendency to have underwear that still has holes in it," one guy offered. When another gentleman was prompted as to why he doesn't chuck his old britches, he put it quite simply: "I think it's more of a pain to go and shop for them, unless they are shopped for for us."

Dudes, we understand that buying underpants probably doesn't top your list of fun activities, but we beg, no we plead, that you make this a priority in your life.

We're not sure what you plan on buying your guy for the next big holiday, but may we suggest a new pair of boxer briefs?

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