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The Truth About What Happens When Men Use 'Female Shampoo'

"Spontaneous urges to sing Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha songs."

There are just some questions in the world that need to be answered. Will there ever be world peace? Is pizza truly the best food in the world? "What happens when males use female shampoo?"

That last question was asked by a Quora user, who seems to think there's a huge difference between women's and men's hair care. Sure, marketing makes us believe there is a huge divide between the genders when it comes to grooming, but in reality, the true factor standing between them is fragrance.

For those who think that some adverse reaction could come from using gender-specific products, the people of Quora have some answers that range from practical to hilarious.

Take a look at some of the best comments below, and let us know if you have an even better one to contribute.

Adrian Samson via Getty Images
"I always use 'female shampoo.' And razors. And soap. And toothpaste. And the female toilet. Sometimes even the deodorant. Over time, I've gotten to be more hairy, got a deeper voice, it's like puberty all over again. Might be because of all that estrogen in female products forcing my body to create extra testosterone. I don't really know, I'm kidding. But I do have beautiful hair." Quora user Remus Serban
Dimitri Otis via Getty Images
"If you do it enough times, you will start to menstruate. Be careful." Quora user Chiara Brown
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"Your hair will become clean, soft, shiny, and smells fabulous. However, be sure to use the right shampoo for your hair, like anti-dandruff ingredients if you have dandruff problems, because female shampoos have a lot of variants which specialized for many needs. You may suffer analysis paralysis just looking for the right product for you." Quora user Nuel Pratama Sitanggang
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"When males use female shampoo, the universe becomes unbalanced for 7.667 seconds."Quora user Warren Kramer
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"Nothing. Absolutely nothing, except your hair might smell different due to the fragrances they use in 'women's' shampoo. Both shampoos do the same thing, clean. The only difference is marketing." Quora user Yetunde Oladunjoye
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"Disappointment."Quora user Yoni Bhonker
fotostorm via Getty Images
"In my own experience, the main symptoms include:- A pleasant frisson of floral-scented hair (virtually 100%)-Spontaneous urges to sing Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha songs* (probably around 10-20% incidence)* Of course, this also happens to me without female-marketed shampoo, so it's hard for me to be sure it's really a causal effect." Quora user Dan Lenski
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"Might be the sight that gives you away. Extra body, extra moisturizing, extra lift, extra bounce, extra revitalizing makes even the saddest mop noticeable. Nobody can hide a hair party!"Quora user Christopher Pow

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