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Men Wearing Purple More Likely To Land A British Woman, Study Finds

This MUST be how Prince William landed Kate Middleton.

This just in: men wearing purple are more likely to land a British gal.

Yup, you read that correctly. According to a new study by a British laundry detergent brand My Ariel, guys who opt for the royal hue are more likely stand a chance with the ladies. The company polled 2000 Brits to find out just how important clothes are in the dating world. As expected, the ladies were significantly pickier with 28 percent of women and 14 percent of men admitting to declining a date with someone because they weren't into their clothes. Ouch!

When it comes to color, purple reigned supreme in women's eyes (meaning: 36 percent of women accepted dates from a man wearing a purple shirt), but black shirts came in second place with 36 percent of women accepting dates. The worst colors for men to wear according to women? Blue or pink, garnering a mere 11 percent and 6 percent of positive responses respectively.

The study also found that 58 percent of the respondents considered dress sense the primary factor when looking for a partner, and 43 percent demanded that their partner change their clothes because they were embarrassed to be seen with them. A bit harsh, no? Maybe this is what Kanye was thinking when he decided to attend Paris Fashion Week without Kim Kardashian...

This study definitely got us thinking about how clothes factor into our dating lives. While we love a guy who owns his personal style, we can't say that we're inherently drawn to dudes in lavender ourselves. (Different strokes for different folks though, right?) Also, we'd like to think fashion sense doesn't play that big of a role for us, but we're willing to concede that there's a lot of subconscious filtering that goes on every time we meet a guy.

What do you think of these results? How big of a role do clothes play in your dating life? Are you more likely to accept a man's advances if he's wearing purple?

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