16 Men Who Understand The Joy Of Wedding Planning

"I act like I hate all the wedding planning details, but I secretly love it."

Dudes who actually enjoy looking at wedding invitations and perusing Pinterest for big day ~inspiration~? Yes, they really do exist.

Below, 16 men on Whisper -- an app that allows users to share their secrets anonymously -- reveal their love of all things wedding planning.

Our wedding is going to be so perfectly us. I love picking out all the details and seeing how everything looks together. Yeah I'm a guy who uses Pinterest haha
 I'm having so much fun designing our save the dates! I can't wait to do the actual wedding invitations. My fiancée said she's happy I want to be involved..wouldn't have it any other way.
I love relaxing with my wife-to-be on the couch while we go through our wedding registry. It all feels so real now.
I love going to look at possible wedding venues. My fiancée thought it was going to be boring but we always find something to laugh about. I'm ready for her to be my Mrs.
Not going to lie the food tasting for our wedding has been the best thing ever. The other stuff matters but this part is important to my wife to be and I. BBQ here we come
As a guy I'm not supposed to like wedding planning but I'm actually having a great time figuring out how everything will look.
I'm a guy and you can often find me planning my wedding and honeymoon so my fiancée doesn't have to worry about it
I don't find wedding planning stressful at all... I'm loving how many options there are for everything. I'm a guy.
I'm a man and I'm getting married soon. I act like I hate all the wedding planning details but I secretly love it. It's a day I never want to forget.
My fiancée has been worried about the small budget we have for our wedding so I've been learning how to diy stuff. Aka I get to build things for her. Win win
I made a whole day of picking out my wedding suit with my dad, brother, and friends. We're getting pieces that look really sharp. Is it cheesy that I can't wait to wear it?
My fiancée was thinking too much about the seating chart for our wedding. I decided that we should get drunk and do it... so much better. I haven't seen her laugh that hard in awhile.
I want my soon to be wife to feel like a queen on our wedding day so I'm taking care of whatever is left of the planning. She needs to enjoy herself- that's what this day is all about.
I'm a guy and I love planning our wedding. It's going to be such a fun celebration with all our family and friends together in one place! Can't ask for anything better than that.
Just interviewed a bunch of photographers for our wedding while my fiancée is at work. This has been my favorite part of planning so far. Only 6 months away now
My soon to be wife keeps reminding me to do my vows. What she doesn't know is that I wrote them forever ago. We've been together for 8 years... I've been planning our wedding since then.

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