Publication Rates For Men Far Outweigh Women: Study

The Drastic Numbers: Male Vs. Female Writers

The publication rates for men versus women in some of the world's most prestigious literary outlets are in, and the disparity is drastic.

VIDA, an organization that deals with issues faced by women in the literary arts, examined the gender of writers, book reviewers and authors reviewed in a slew of publications in 2011.

The results showed that with the exception of Granta and books reviewers in the Boston Review, each publication printed work by men overwhelmingly more than women.

According to VIDA's study, the New Yorker published 459 pieces by men vs. 165 pieces by women in 2011. The New Republic published 198 articles by men vs. 50 articles by women. The New York Times Book Review reviewed 520 male authors vs. 273 female authors. It is not the first time someone has called the New York Times Book Review out on not paying enough attention to female novelists.

VIDA completed a similar survey last year. In a statement, it said that the new numbers don't look "markedly different" than last year's. View the full results here.

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