MenEngage Video Shows How Old-School Gender Norms Hold Everyone Back

How Old-School Gender Norms Hold Everyone Back

“You’re a man. Whoever the woman is, it’s their responsibility to listen to what you say."

That's how one man defines masculinity in a new video created by MenEngage.Org, an alliance of over 600 organizations that encourages men to get involved in the fight for gender equality. The video features women and men of all different ethnicities and backgrounds talking about the problems with the traditional definition of masculinity and how this social norm hurts all genders.

The women and men featured in the video discuss the limiting gender roles for parents, women and men in relationships and everyday life. “It’s not just idealism that we’re discussing. We’re discussing real flesh and blood human beings, that are your brothers, your sisters," one woman says in the video.

Debuted on March 5 at the International Conference on Masculinities in New York City, the video reveals how everyone would benefit if we could break down gender stereotypes. Similar to initiatives such as the UN's HeForShe and Sheryl Sandberg's #LeanInTogether, the importance of active male participation in gender equality is becoming a big part of the discussion. With the help of all genders, we might just be able to achieve equality.

The video ends with a perfect statement: “We as men need to step up, and [women] need to support that... so that we can change the world."

Head over to MenEngage.Org to learn more about the alliance.

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