Menopause Weight Gain: 4 Ways To Avoid Middle-Aged Spread

4 Ways To Avoid Menopausal Weight Gain

Hot flashes and -- ahem -- other uncomfortable side effects of menopause are well-known. But here's another unpleasant side effect of menopause: weight gain is harder to combat. "Weight maintenance is critical from a health perspective, but difficult due to changes in lifestyle and metabolism" for menopausal women, said Dr. Holly Phillips, CBS News' medical correspondent.

But there's hope: after looking at short- and long-term eating habits of 481 heavy-weight and obese women in their 50s, a study found four eating habits that fight menopausal weight gain. These four were the "only eating habits linked to weight loss," Phillips said.

To find out which eating habits are linked to weight loss after menopause, watch the video above.

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