Dear Men, Here's How To Respond When A Woman Says 'No'

Men's Fitness tried to tell dudes how to turn a woman's "no" into a "yes." 😒

Men's Fitness magazine recently published -- and then deleted -- an article titled "How To Turn A 'No' Into A 'Yes.'"

*Pause to slam head on desk*

Written by self-proclaimed "love expert" Nick Savoy, the article coaches men on what to do when they're rejected by a woman. The article explains that the one thing separating "the men from the boys is how you handle rejection -- and how quickly you can turn things around." 

No means no means no means literally go away. 
No means no means no means literally go away. 

In his author bio, Savoy writes that he's "famous for helping men meet and attract high-quality women through targeted self-improvement, flirting skills and female psychology." (Female psychology? Seriously?)

Savoy begins his article with a question that should have a very simple answer: "You approach her, give her your best opening line, but she wasn’t having it. What now?" Um, walk away. 

Instead of coaching dudes to simply accept rejection like respectful human beings, Savoy tells men to ignore women's wishes and "plow ahead anyway." Basically: When she says "no" pretend you heard "yes."

If that's not a blatant example of rape culture then hell has frozen over. 

Since Savoy and Men's Fitness seem to be so confused about dating, rejection and (most importantly) consent, here's a little clarification...

There is only one way to respond to a woman when she rejects you: Respect her. 



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