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Men's Biggest Grooming Problems... Solved

Men, admit it -- you don't know how to groom everything on your body. And everyone can get embarrassed asking for advice about said issues.

But, leave it to Reddit to be the epicenter of advice when it comes to men seeking clever hacks to all things back hair, cowlicks and unibrows. No joke, people will hide behind their usernames to ask (and answer!) some of the most intimate questions they have to offer.

User mylittlescar, who identifies as a UK-based professional barber and male groomer, opened up an Ask Me Anything (a.k.a. AMA) thread, which proceeded to be flooded with men's beauty worries and seemingly excellent advice.

So guys, according to this barber, here are some tips and tricks to taming the unruly beasts in your grooming game.


Sorry to say, but the cowlicks are yours. You will never be rid of cowlicks. The best thing to do is to work with them instead of trying to hide them. Every time you go to have a haircut, let your barber or stylist know of your cowlicks, and a good one can help work them into your style.

Alot of Male Celebrities have cowlicks for example. Brad Pitt and John Mayer have pretty sever ones on the front of their fringe. But they wear styles that work with the cowlicks, so you'd never really tell.

Brazilian Waxes

I do lots of Brazilians ( Bum sack and Crack we call them at my place ) Theyre probably one of the 2nd biggest waxing treatment sold, besides back waxing.

They last for 4-6 weeks and you get perfect smooth and clean everything, it's honestly much better than shaving I can recommend it 100% - My clients never go back to shaving.


The Biggest mistake most men make would have to be moisturizing. The modern world is filled with lots of nasty pollution, UVA/UVB rays, and just a really light, non-greasy, SPF moisturizer does wonders in the long term health of your skin.

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Waxing, Threading or Permanent hair removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Make sure to ask for someone who specializes in male grooming for the waxing!

Sensitive Scalps

I recommend a gentle but nourishing shampoo that will keep your scalp free of sebum without drying it out. Tea Tree oil helps prevent and treat spots/zits and helps calm any redness. A Professional product is more expensive to purchase, but you need to use much much less shampoo per application than a drugstore brand each time you shampoo.


A salicylic acid scrub for the body acne will help.

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Thick Hair

Use a serum or argan oil in it while tame to prevent frizz, and keep it healthy, and soft if you get really frizzy hair. I like Moroccan Oil, you only need a really small amount, and your hair feels incredible and leaves you without frizz.

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I swear by Nizoral for dandruff. It's an anti-androgen and WORKS! 2 weeks of use and no more dandruff.

Working With Damp Hair

Stick to creamy / wet products. You could get away with a forming cream or grooming cream in damp hair. Just be sure to towel dry as much as you can and not to apply too much! But know that wet products = Wetter look! If you want to achieve a matte dry look, You'll need dry hair. If you want to achieve a slicker, wet look the creams in damp hair will do.

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Beard Maintenance

Make sure you have a nice shampoo/conditioner for your beard inside the shower as well!

Greasy Hair

Try to go light on your product. Invest in a professional product since you'll use much less product than drugstore brand. If you hair is super oily after a day or two, Dry shampoo is a life saver. You can even try some powders, like American Crews Boost Powder but I much prefer the dry shampoo and it's easier! You just spray on your roots and your hair becomes matte, and non-greasy.

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