Where Are Single Women? 'Men's Health' Finds D.C. Great For Single Men; Miami Is OK; Detroit Is Dismal


Valentine's Day should come easy for men in the nation's capital looking for love. There are plenty of eligible women around.

Men's Health looked at 100 American cities to see which had the most single women and which had the least.

Washington, D.C. took top slot, earning an A+ for its bevy of eligible women.

Miami scored a C, falling in the middle, between Tucson, Ariz., and Sioux Falls, S.D. Las Vegas, surprisingly, got an F and came in dead last, ranking just below Cleveland, Wichita, Kan., and Toledo, Ohio.

The magazine's methodology is a little opaque -- the survey purports to take into account "the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of college-educated women, the percentage of gainfully employed single women (all from the Census), and the number who work out (Experian Simmons)" -- but there's no explanation about how those numbers were processed.

Here's a sampling of where some major U.S. cities fell on the list, including New York, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit and San Francisco.

#1: Washington, D.C.

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