See The Powerful Beauty Of Men's Hula Come Alive In 360 Degrees

Forget everything you think you know about hula.

To watch HuffPost RYOT’s 360-degree footage on a desktop browser, click and drag to look around. On a phone, tap here to open it in the YouTube app, then pan by tilting your device.

In native Hawaiian culture, hula is not simply a dance, but a way of life. 

Each dance tells a story, and hula is the Hawaiian way of passing stories down from one generation to the next. While there is a common misconception that hula dancers are exclusively women wearing grass skirts and coconut bras, male dancers are just as vital to the art, portraying strength and power with their choreography.

HuffPost RYOT joined Kei Kai o Kahiki, an all-male hula halau (troupe) as they danced on the island of Oahu.

Watch the HuffPost RYOT video on men's hula above.