Guys, There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Wear Shorts

The 8 Commandments Of Men's Shorts

Boys, we get it. It's one thousand degrees outside and the thought of wearing dress pants (or any pants for that matter) is less than appealing. Shorts seem like the natural choice. But we're here to tell you that there is a right way and there is a wrong way to wear this tricky garment.

First thing's first: Fit is key. No one wants to see your underwear, or your tan lines, so be sure to pick a pair that is perfect for your body. We should also stress the challenges cargo shorts pose (they can quickly make you look like a frat boy) and that pleated shorts are always a bad decision. To help you navigate the world of shorts, we've written out some important rules.

Behold, our eight commandment for guy's shorts. Significant others, if you're reading this, please pass the information along.

1. Find the perfect length. They can't be too short (no one wants to see man thighs) but they also can't be too long (see rule 5).

2. Skip 'em at the office. They are never work appropriate and you will be judged.

3. Skip 'em on a first date. Unless you don't want a second.


4. Don't tuck your shirt in. Unless your goal is to age yourself.

5. Just say no to manpris. If Jay-Z can't pull them off, you sure as hell can't.


6. Basketball shorts are not okay. Unless you're on the court or in your home.

7. No pleated shorts. For the love of god.

pleated pants

8. Make sure they fit around the waist. Crack is whack.


Look to these dudes for inspiration:

Bradley Cooper

Stylish Male Celebs

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