Skin Care Do's And Don'ts Every Guy Needs To Know

Better health starts with your skin.

Think about your shower routine. How do you wash yourself? Simple bar soap to your arm pits, Ferris Bueller style, and call it a day? That's not the best way to take care of yourself, but it's not unusual either -- most men don't know how to give their skin the care it really needs to be healthy.

"Nearly everywhere I go, in fact, I'm approached by men seeking out advice," Chris Salgardo, the president of Kiehl's, writes in his new book, "Manmade: The Essential Skincare and Grooming Reference Book For Men."

Everyone, from a polished stock trader to a man's man, college student, artist or construction worker, tells him, "We all want to feel confident and attractive in our own ways."

The book, published on Dec. 1, explains how to deal with dry lips, puffy eyes, a wiry beard, when and how to shave and when to go to a pro, and many other topics, but it's Salgardo's list of skin care do's and don'ts that we consider required reading. Because when you care about your face, not only will you look better, but you'll feel better, too (and people will notice).

Here are a few from each side, with recommendations on which products we think work great.

DO: Moisturize
"It's nonnegotiable," Salgardo writes. We recommend Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion ($26.50) for its light feel.
DON'T: Loofah Your Face
With all the face washes with microbeads that supposedly slough off your dead skin cells, you'd think using a loofah would work even better. It's too abrasive, Salgardo writes.

Instead, do this eery morning and night:

Prepare by washing your hands, splashing warm water on your face to open spores, and put a quarter-sized circle of face wash in your palms with water. Rub them together to get them sudsy and apply the suds with your fingertips (there's more padding on your tips). Massage in circles.

Start with your forehead, work to the edge of your face, and make your way to your nose, under the eyes, and down the chin to the neck.

Rinse it all off with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Never rub, Saldardo writes.
DO: Use Sunscreen
Sunscreen is "the cheapest and most effective defense against aging," Salgardo writes, and you should use it all year long -- especially in the winter.

We like Jack Black's Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen($21), because it's made with zinc-oxide but still feels light to wear. Plus, it's water-resistant, so it'll stay on through intense activity, whether you're surfing or skiing.
DON'T: Use Products That Make You Feel Oily
If you feel oily, your skin might be oilier, and it could be the product's fault. Experiment with samples until you find the right lotions, sunscreens or other products that work best for your skin type.
DO: Shave With The Grain Of Your Hair
Hero Images via Getty Images
Never against it. Also, don't dig into your face or use "short, choppy motions," Salgado advises.

Shaving with the growth of the hair will help minimize ingrown hair when it starts growing back in, as well as nicks and cuts.
DON'T: Shave With A Dull Blade
DO: Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs
A Carmichael via Getty Images
Before they get infected. A seriously ingrown hair can cause skin damage, Salgardo writes.
DON'T: Overpluck Your Eyebrows
Or pluck the hair above your eyebrows, so that the arch maintains its shape.
DO: Use Eye Cream
Skyn Icelad
"Use it liberally. It's your friend," Salgardo writes.

The Icelandic Relief Eye Cream ($45), from Skyn, is made with the arctic botanical Saponaria Pumila, a flowering plant that survived the Ice Age by adaptation and contains stem cells that help stimulate cell rejuvenation.

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